Living in Ijburg, Part two

Living in Ijburg Part one und Part two sind Erfahrungsberichte mit interessanten Hintergrundinformationen, die hier als Gastbeiträge von Christoph Rauch   erscheinen, der während seines Auslandsstudiums ein Jahr lang in Ijburg wohnte .

Living in Ijburg, Part two

With a higher grade of development, there will be much more spaces available for smaller businesses to open up for more divers services, that is obviously needed. You can find both apartment complexes and stand-alone houses that fits budgets and living ideas, Ijburg as individual “rural” area surrounded by water and the sea, a good but healthy strong north wind with the smell of salty water (some arid from the North Sea flow into the freshwater Ijmeer and causing that salty scent), beaches, shells and sand.

The area of Amsterdam

If you like living in that varied field of suburban impressions, Ijburg might be the right place in combining the concept of modern architecture and advance engineer solutions with the idea that nature is part of that, reinvented and conceptually integrated. Ijburg is very well connected with Amsterdam’s centraal through this bridge and tunnels that exist along Ijburg’s main street called Ijburglaan, the Ijburg Avenue. The most reasonable way is to take the Tram 26, that connects Ijburg in a little less than 15 minutes. Although Amsterdam does not provide a 24/7 service, the night bus seems to be a good alternative late at night. If you plan some evening activities, keep that issue in mind.

Tram 26, the only one to Amsterdam

Bikes are another great convenient solution, however the distance is far and the wind is strong. There is no direct access for bikes and some detours cross your way to the city center,- manageable within 30-40 minutes. The tunnel, that connects Amsterdam Centraal is not open for bikes and pedestrians, just cars and trams. Bicycling takes longer and can be frustrating when wind and rain kicks in. The upside about living in Ijburg as a student makes it hard to ever leave the island other than for study reasons and you probably stay home. However, the tram 26 is the only tram line that allows non-folding bicycles on board. In spring and summertime, Ijburg sure holds for great sport activities such as Surfing, Kayaking, walks on the beach and all other sorts of water sports. Ijburg is ideal for sun worshipers and hipsters that long liked the area for its openness and special flair.

Summer or winter – always a special time

Special flair is key to understand the islands charms and idealistic views, but Holland is not a country for a year long vacation. In wintertime, these boxy buildings and wide and open living spaces give you a feeling of apathy and a missing of liveliness. Faced within a self-contained world, the part of peace and quietness that stand clearly stand in stark contrast to Amsterdam’s nightlife, may not be interesting for everyone. If you look for a quiet and fairly safe place to live, the place guarantees only few distractions and keeps you focused as self contractor, freelancer or working professional. Residents here are being faced by the fact of a different lifestyle from what they might be familiar with in a bigger city, living in Ijburg seems to be closer to the Scandinavian concept than what we would suggest for Holland, in particular Amsterdam. It definitely does not necessarily fit everyone’s need, and Ijburg will never become a nightlife area. However, the city center is just a couple of minutes away for you to explore.

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