Living in Ijburg, Part one

Im Zuge der Landgewinnung entstand in den letzten Jahren im Osten von Amsterdam der Stadtteil Ijburg. Mittlerweile haben sich in der ruhigen und freundlichen Gegend inmitten der Natur über 12.000 Menschen niedergelassen. Die Nähe zum Wasser sowie nach Amsterdam unterstreichen die Attraktivität dieser Region. Living in Ijburg Part one und Part two sind Erfahrungsberichte mit interessanten Hintergrundinformationen von Christoph Rauch, die hier als Gastbeiträge erscheinen. Christoph Rauch wohnte ein Jahr lang während seines Auslandsstudiums in Ijburg.

Ijburg – a wonderful place to live

Ijburg is part of six artificial islands and belongs to the borough of Zeeburg, a beautiful place surrounded by water, coastal areas and Amsterdam’s closest beach area,- Blijburg. Build into the Ijmeer in the very north east part of Amsterdam’s center, this fairly new part was one of the most ambitious projects started in 1996. The major three Islands are Steigereiland, Haveneiland and Rieteilanden with three smaller parts attached, became home to 12.000 residents since the first opening in 2002 and was build to react against Amsterdam’s housing shortage. It will provide 18.000 homes for 45.000 residents when fully finished,- including employments and family housing. After all, Ijburg is more advertised as being a family friendly areas, with a touch of difference if compared to inner city living.

Family areas included

The idea was to fully initiate family areas to provide everything needed for self deployment including schools, groceries, shops and supermarkets. The city council of Amsterdam decided to build all that artificially into the Ijmeer, started the initiative back in the 1980’s. Constructions started in 1996 and will be possibly completed by the end of 2014. Critique of a possible destruction of the nature and possible imbalances for the Ijmeer delayed the start, however building into the Ijmer was Amsterdam’s only possible way to expands. The urbanisation into Ijmeer is an alternative to the large nature’s reservoir located between Schiphol, Bovenkerkerpolder and Landelijk Noord. New East became the only possible solution, and grant access to fully integrate Ijburg into the city of Amsterdam, engineers built Amsterdam’s biggest Bridge 2001, the Enneus Heerma Bridge. It connects the local and most technically advanced Tramline 26, pedestrian walkways and bike lanes, and stands as the only access to the whole complex of islands and Amsterdam Centraal.

Young, clean, interesting architecture

Ijburg, with the modern touch in architecture, straight, clean lines and wide streets, boxy buildings and story complexes, still has this village feeling,- an area full of exclusive homes but in the mix both of social housing and homes for rent. Due to the current economy crisis, some parts are still under construction and ideal developments have slowed down the process of land reclamation. Nevertheless, logistics are there and major food chains such as Vomar and Albert Heijn share the place with smaller groceries and individual shops, cafes and restaurants.

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